About-Face on Torture?

Are key Senate Democrats moderating their unequivocal opposition to the use of torture or less-severe coercive interrogation techniques? Glenn Greenwald thinks so. In particular, he notes that Senators Dianne Feinstein (who is the incoming Senate Intelligence Chair) and Ron Wyden had previously insisted that the CIA comply with the Army Field Manual when conducting interrogations, and even co-sponsored legislation to write this limitation into law. Now, however, both are indicating a more flexible stance.

If Senators Feinstein and Wyden have indeed altered their positions -- and Greenwald makes a pretty strong case that they have -- this would be consistent Orin's postulate that Democrats must now be more supportive of broad executive power now that a Democrat will occupy the White House. We'll have to see whether Republicans who took a permissive view of the Bush Administration's interogation policies also have a change of heart.