Chambliss Wins in Geogia, Holding on to Contested GOP Senate Spot:
Looks like the Democrats won't get to 60 in the Senate. Here's the news from Georgia's runoff election:
  With 96 percent of the state's precincts reporting in the runoff election, [incumbent Republican Saxby] Chambliss had 57.5 percent of the vote, and his Democratic challenger, Jim Martin, 42.5 percent. The margin was far greater than the three percentage points that separated the two men in the Nov. 4 election, when neither won the required 50 percent. Many of the Democrats who turned out last month in enthusiastic support of Barack Obama apparently did not show up at the polls on Tuesday. . . .
  A little more than two million people voted in the runoff, compared with 3.7 million on Nov. 4.