Will Obama Appoint A "Car Czar"?
From Politico.com:
  President-elect Barack Obama wants a high-profile point person to oversee reforms in the ailing auto industry, according to members of Obama's transition team.
  Specifics about the proposal remain unclear. But the transition team says Obama suggested to President Bush on Monday that aid to the auto industry could be coupled with the appointment of "someone in charge of the auto issue who would have the authority" to push for reforms. The details came from a more extended readout of the White House meeting provided Tuesday.
  The person would assist in efforts to create an "economically viable auto industry," a transition aide said -- a move that could alleviate concerns about protecting taxpayer interests if more money is directed to assist automakers.
  I don't know about you, but I really look forward to purchasing my new U.S. Government Model 1 Car when the new models are introduced in 2011. Of course, the Model 1 will be the only car legally sold in America by then, so if you want a car, that will be the only one to buy. (You could try buying a used car, but can you afford the $30,000 fine to be levied if the FBI catches you purchasing a used car?) I am sure the Model 1 will be a great car, though, so no worries. In fact, I found a video of the prototype of the Model 1 here, so see for yourself: