My First Obama-related E-mail Scam:

You had to know it was coming; here's what I found in my inbox a few minutes ago. Thirty million dollars, and he can't even spell "Barack Obama"! But note: this proposal"is not like scam mails that is being sent in the internet by Africans." Why am I not convinced?

Hello and good day,

I am contacting you because of the confidentiality and urgency that this mail demands. My name is Montgomery Levi James, a Citizen of United States of America and an ex military man. I know that this mail might come to you as a surprise since we do not know each other in the past but accept it as act of destiny. This proposal is not like scam mails that is being sent in the internet by Africans.

My reason for contacting you is to assist me and also partake in this life time opportunity that presented itself right now. Please do not delay in responding to this mail because time is of utmost importance to our success.

I was privileged to be part of silent campaigners for the newly elected president of United States of America Barrack Obama. Right now that the election is over there is an outstanding donation in the tune of $30M which is privately deposited with Military Relief Group.

I have set the machinery for the smooth release of this fund by processing all legal documents in a neutral name like yours in place. I cannot do this on my own because it is going to raise dust and I do not want anybody to know about this fund or have it traced in my account or name. Be informed that with your participation it is 100% risk free and I am assuring you that your interest will be protected at all times even in the future.

For your assistance and participation you will receive 30% of the total amount. Please contact me on my private email address for confidentiality on (

When I hear from you I will give you more details regarding this project and your role that will guarantee us the needed success within the limited time frame which will not exceed ten working days.

Include your direct telephone for easy communication.

Yours faithfully, Montgomery James Levi (RTD)