1938 Gallup Polls on Jews.

Glenn notes that today is the 70th Anniversary of Kristallnacht.

To remind you of US sentiment at the time, consider these Gallup Poll results from Nov. 22, 1938, nearly two weeks after that night.

Do you approve or disapprove of the Nazi's treatment ... Of Jews in Germany?

5.6% Approve
88.2% Disapprove
6.2% No Opinion

Should we allow a larger number of Jewish exiles from Germany to come to the United States to live?

21.2 Yes
71.8% No
7.0% No Opinion

Though only 6% of the American public approve of German actions, only 21% favor taking in more Jewish exiles.

That may be because of the attitudes toward Jews revealed in this poll from earlier in 1938 (April 27):

Do you think the persecution of the Jews in Europe has been their own fault?

10.9% Entirely
54.0% Partly
35.1% Not at all

(After being asked: "Do you think there is likely to be a widespread campaign against the Jews in this country?"): Would you support such a campaign?

11.7% Yes
88.3% No

So in April 1938, 65% of Americans thought that the persecution of Jews in Europe had been partly or completely their own fault. And 12% would support "a widespread campaign against the Jews in this country."

Source: all polls courtesy of the GallupBrain, subscription required.