Overnight Stock Index Futures Up Sharply Early Sunday Evening.

Several times last week, overnight Dow Jones stock index futures were up 100-200 points, only to collapse the next day, when the US markets actually opened, finishing down substantially.

Tonight, Sunday evening, stock index futures are up sharply (all prices are from 6:00-6:49pm ET):

S&P 500 Index (SPZ8) 917.40 +26.40

Nasdaq 100 (NDZ8) 1314.25 +31.75

Dow Industrials (E) (ZDZ8) 8592 +222

E-Mini S&P Midcap (EWZ8) 558.30 +12.60

Russell 2000 (TOZ8) 530.70 +9.60

A chart version is here.

At 7:19pm ET, Australia's main index is up 5%, while the New Zealand market is up only slightly.

The move up may reflect happiness with the European financial plan announced earlier today.