The McCain Attacks on Obama:

The McCain campaign is unleashing attacks on Obama's judgment and trustworthiness, in particular by highlighting his ties to Bill Ayers. At first, voters aren't go to pay attention to this, because it seems like a silly distraction when we have an economic crisis on hand. On second thought... well, there's a comment on Ann Althouse's blog that reflects my thinking:

So the theory is "nobody cares about scurrilous charges against Obama" because they're too busy looking at their 401k's fall through the floor.

I don't know if I buy it. The voters want someone who they can trust to manage getting us out of this mess. That's a character question. Neither McCain nor Obama are financial market experts. It comes down to whose judgment do you trust more.

However, I'm not sure the answer isn't still "Obama," despite his fibbing about Ayers. Because I'm not so sure the erratic, impulsive and vindictive McCain wouldn't be worse.

Unfortunately, neither candidate strikes me as the obvious "steady hand in an economic crisis" candidate. Is it too late too start a write-in campaign for Warren Buffett?