Obama's favorite TV show is MASH; among McCain's is The Sopranos.

Ana Marie Cox (tip to Tim Blair):

Obama told Entertainment Weekly last month that his favorite television show is the wartime sitcom "MASH," which, while solidly entertaining, was not exactly free of heavy-handed moralizing and liberal pieties. (It's instructive to note here that McCain's favorite shows include the decidedly, and admittedly, amoral dramas "The Sopranos" and "The Tudors.")

Given the indirect (ie, nonsubstantive) nature of some of John McCain's ads, can a YouTube spot on this be only days away?

Indeed, one could imagine a funny — mock outraged — spot from either side: McCain getting his kicks watching brutal Sopranos mob hits OR Obama grooving on some particularly sappy platitudes in an outdated MASH clip. Maybe this idea would be better for one of the nightly talk shows than one of the campaigns.