Given that Sarah Palin is Now in the Political Race,

I take it that the campaign — the place in which Palin is running — must be a ... palindrome.

Plus there's the McCain birthplace connection, with the Teddy Roosevelt reformer reference thrown in. A woman, a plan, a canal: Panama — Ow! (OK, not quite.)

Credit (or debit) to Bill Poser (Language Log) and commenter Sili, though their gags were slightly diferent.

UPDATE: "Palin: On I lap." True, "lap" is usually followed by the name of the competitor whom one is substantially ahead of, but palindrome authors can't be too picky. Plus, if she's lapping Biden, they must be running on a palindrome. And I'm sure you folks can do even better.

UPDATE 2: McCain hissing at Palin to pit-bull the opposition: "S-Sarah — harass!" (Ann Althouse and others beat me to this one, though in a different form. But "Palin: On I lap" is mine, all mine, Google reports.) Must ... stop ....