Sunday Song Lyric:
I first saw Shirley Manson perform with the short-lived band, Angelfish in a show a the 9:30 Club in D.C. They were opening for another band (Live or Sugar, if I recall correctly). I don't remember her band all that much, but she was awesome. Angelfish disbanded, and Manson went on to much bigger things: Garbage. The band has been a guilty pleasure of mine ever since.

Apparently some VC readers like Garbage too. At the recommendation of one, here are the opening lyrics to Garbage's "Bleed Like Me."

Avalanche is sullen and too thin
she starves herself to rid herself of sin
and the kick is so divine when she sees bones beneath her skin
and she says:
hey baby can you bleed like me?
c´mon baby can you bleed like me

chrissie´s all dressed up and acting coy
painted like a brand new christmas toy
he´s trying to figure out if he´s a girl or he´s a boy
he says:
hey baby can you bleed like me?
c´mon baby can you bleed like me
This reader explains the song choice:
A plain reading of the lyrics belies the combination of Shirley Manson's voice and the background swells that punctuate each verse. It's an anthem. People united in their pain (and loneliness - or am I reading that one in?). It's unfortunate, but we are all united by pain, of some form or other. The song is amazing. Truly amazing.
Here's a video, and here are a live Letterman performance and an acoustic version.