If the Volokh Conspirators Were a Law Faculty:

Using Brian Leiter's methodology, counting those who post at least semi-regularly (me, Eugene, Paul, Orin, Randy, Dale, Todd, Jonathan, and Jim), and excluding, as Leiter does, the untenured (Sasha and Ilya), and David Kopel, who is not an academic by profession (though he still has an impressive citation count), we would have a mean "scholarly impact" count of 670 (median of 572), trailing only Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and tied with Chicago. Adding occassional contributors Stuart, Russell, and David P. would lead to very similar results. (Numbers updated to correct calculation errors).

UPDATE: I just noticed that Leiter is only counting citations through last September. Adjusting the Conspirator's citations would still easily place us in fifth place, behind Chicago.

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