Debate on Fourth Amendment Rights in Third Party Records:
Readers planning to attend the ABA annual meeting in New York next week may be interested in a debate I'll be participating in on Saturday, August 9th at 10:30 am in the New York Ballroom East, 3rd Floor of the Sheraton NY hotel: Is It Time To Reconsider Privacy Rights in Third Party Records?

Here's the panel description:
In an era of data mining, where third party records can be accumulated and mined to produce a very detailed picture of one's daily life, does the reasoning of landmark Supreme Court decisions defining the "third party doctrine" in privacy law still apply?
I'll be debating Greg Nojeim of the Center for Democracy and Technology; Suzanne Spaulding will moderate. I'll be taking the view that the Supreme Court's decisions are right and should be retained; check out my forthcoming article, The Case for the Third-Party Doctrine, forthcoming in the Michigan Law Review, for the details.