UCLA Law Review Second Amendment Symposium:

I'm glad to say that, in the wake of the Heller decision, the UCLA Law Review will be putting on a symposium on the Second Amendment and related matters. The symposium will be Friday, January 23, 2009, and the articles will be published in the law review a few months later.

Our tentative participants are Phil Cook, Saul Cornell, Bob Cottrol, Dennis Henigan, Don Kates, Gary Kleck, David Konig, Sandy Levinson, Jens Ludwig, Nelson Lund, Joyce Malcolm, Mark Tushnet, Adam Winkler, me, and I hope a few others. Should be an interesting, balanced, and productive event, and a great conference volume.

(This was originally posted this morning, but I've reposted it because comments were for some reason not working on the original post.)