The Womanizer List:

So if you forget what "womanizer" actually means, you might think that it would mean "a surgeon who does male-to-female sex change operations." That, after all, is a common meaning of the "-ize" suffix -- to "Xize" is to make something into X, literally or figuratively, for instance "demonize," "humanize," "personalize," and the like. Nor is there a rival common meaning of "-ize" that explains "womanizer." In fact, one definition of "womanize" is "to make effeminate," but "womanizer" is something quite different.

"Inflammable" famously comes close to this. Still, there is a meaning of prefix "in-" that would yield the standard definition of "inflame" and hence "inflammable." It therefore isn't a pure womanizer word.

My question: What other words fit within the same (admittedly imprecisely defined) category as "womanizer"?