Documents from the NSA Surveillance Case:
Via Alkali, I have obtained copies (or links to copies) of many of the key documents filed in the district court in the ACLU v. NSA case decided by Judge Taylor last week. Here they are, all in .pdf format:
Docket Sheet in the case as of this morning

ACLU Motion for summary judgment (filed March 9)

DOJ motion to dismiss (or in alternative for summary judgment) (filed May 25)

Order denying DOJ's motion for a stay (filed May 31)

DOJ's motion for clarification (filed June 2)

ACLU's reply memo in support of summary judgment (filed June 5)

ACLU's response to DOJ's motion for clarification (filed June 6)

DOJ's reply to ACLU's response (filed June 7)

ACLU's response to DOJ's motion to dismiss, or in the alternative for sumamry judgement (filed June 20, 50 pages)

DOJ's reply to the ACLU's response (filed June 30, 33 pages)
If I get additional documents and think they're worth posting, I'll add them to this post.