Israel Hate Mail:

I'm on some list, along with other "media sites," that some anti-Israel crackpots send emails to. I usually get one or two a day. Today's, from the address, was a particularly lovely example:

The people of Israel have no soul, no moral core, no humanity, no human decency. Israel is a blight on the face of the earth. Israeli history is the record of human inhumanity. There is no atrocity an Israeli will not commit. There is no atrocity an Israeli apologist will not excuse. The story of Zionism is the story of crimes against humanity, war crimes, atrocities against civilians, dead children, dead women, dead civilians. Israel does not deserve to exist. Israel should be obliterated and its people put in the same concentration camps in which they keep their victims, the Palestinians, the Lebanonese, the innocent. Israel is using chemical weapons, cluster grenades, and other weapons of terror. Every dead Israeli is one less terrorist scum in the world.