Sunday Song Lyric:
As a big fan of '80s alternative, it should be no suprise that I own more than one Depeche Mode album. While I do not think that their music was ever particularly original or complex, it had a certain appeal (particularly when I was in high school and college). I have not bought a new DM album in a decade or more, but I'll still pop one in the CD player every now and then.

In my opinion, DM's best album is Black Celebration. (Blogcritics' Scott Smith agrees.) While darker than some of DM's other stuff, I think the material is richer and less derivative than some of their other work as well.

"Here Is the House" is among my favorite tracks on the album. It is also this week's lyric. It's an appropriate choice now that our new house is taking shape, and it becomes more of a home. Here is an excerpt:

Here is the house
Where it all happened
Those tender moments
Under this roof
Body and soul come together
As we come closer together
And as it happens
It happens here
In this house

So we stay at home
And I'm by your side
And you know
What's going on inside
Inside my heart
Inside this house
And I just want to
Let it out for you
You can find the full lyrics here.