"Those Three Days":

I was just reminded of Lucinda Williams' Those Three Days, which I blogged about three years ago, and thought that I'd post it again. (Thankfully, I was not reminded of it by an event in my happily married life.) It's a stunning song, raw and bitter and true. Here are the lyrics, which of course don't do the song justice, thought they are very good:

You say there's always gonna be this thing
Between us days are filled with dreams
Scorpions crawl across my screen
Make their home beneath my skin
Underneath my dress stick their tongues
Bite through flesh down to the bone Since those three days

Did you only want me for those three days?
Did you only need me for those three days?
Did you love me forever
just for those three days?
For those three days

You built a nest inside my soul
You rest your head on leaves of gold
You managed to crawl inside my brain
You found a hole and in you came
You sleep like a baby breathing
Comfortably between truth and pain
But the truth is nothing's been the same
Since those three days