Harvard Law School Target Shooting Club

(amended April 2003)

1. Mission.
The purposes of the HLS Target Shooting Club are:
  • to give HLS students an opportunity to shoot firearms;
  • to help students learn, in a safe and enjoyable setting, about different types of guns and how to use them;
  • to further knowledge of gun safety;
  • to help students understand and intelligently contribute to the public policy and constitutional debate on firearms;
  • and to connect with an important aspect of American history, culture, and traditions.
The HLS Target Shooting Club welcomes members of any political persuasion, regardless of their position on gun control or the Second Amendment.
2. Officers.
  • President
  • Financial Officer, responsible for liaison with the Dean of Student Office (by HLS regulation, the Financial Officer will stay in office until June 30 of the academic year)
  • Events Coordinator
  • Speakers Coordinator
  • Undergraduate Liaison(s)
3. Elections.
a. Elections will be held at a meeting, to be held in the Spring term and called by the officers with adequate notice to the membership.

b. Subject to the qualification in section c below, "membership" is defined as the set of people who are on the group's official e-mail list. The e-mail list shall include students who e-mail an officer of the group expressing an interest in participating, put their names on a sign-in sheet at a meeting, or participate in a group event, and do not ask to be removed from the list. Members may be removed from the list at the discretion of the officers in case of inappropriate behavior, such as failing to respect gun safety procedures at a shooting event.

c. By HLS regulation, a majority of members must be HLS students. Therefore, if the membership as defined in section b above violates this condition, the most recently added non-HLS students shall be removed from membership until the condition is fulfilled.

d. "Adequate notice" includes notification by e-mail at least a week before the meeting.

e. Any previous officer of the group, or member who has participated in an event, may be a candidate for an office or vote in an election.

f. Election to an office shall be by a majority of the voting members present at the election meeting. In case there are more than two candidates for an office, election shall proceed by a "rank-order voting" process like the one used in the Cambridge, Mass., city council elections, as explained at http://www.ci.cambridge.ma.us/~Election/proprep.html.
4. Amendments to the Constitution.
This Constitution may be amended at the election meeting described in the previous section (or at any other meeting where the membership has adequate notice that the Constitution will be amended), by a 2/3 vote of the voting members present at the meeting. Members who may vote for an officer may vote on the Constitution. Pursuant to HLS student organization rules, amendments to the Constitution shall be signed by the President and by the Financial Officer at the time the amendments are made. The Constitution, whether or not amended at this meeting, will remain valid for the following year.
5. State law.
Consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the HLS Target Shooting Club will not cause any firearms to be brought onto the HLS campus.
6. University liability.
a. The HLS Target Shooting Club and its members understand that HLS does not control the selection of ranges or the safety of the members and that HLS cannot be responsible for any injuries occurring at events where firearms are used.

b. Each participant in an HLS Target Shooting Club activity where firearms are used shall, as a condition of participating in such activity, sign and agree to the following statement: "Student acknowledges and agrees that there are certain risks inherent in target shooting and releases and forever discharges Harvard University, Harvard Law School and all of their agents, employees, and faculty members, from any liability arising from Student's participation in the Target Shooting Club. Among other things, Student acknowledges that Harvard does not control the selection or safety practices of any shooting ranges and therefore agrees that Harvard is not responsible for any injury Student may experience at events where firearms are used."
7. Certification.
_________________________ President
_________________________ Financial Officer
_________________________ Dean of Students

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