Moosical, the Musical:

So I thought I'd pass this along, seeing how today is "One Web Day" . . . one of the interesting things about writing a book is that readers do all sorts of interesting things with it. I posted, a while back, Ken Liu's lovely "moose" characters that he was inspired to put together after reading my "Jefferson's Moose" book, as well as Larry Lessig's wild copyright-is-the-moose video.

Now along comes Mario Tosto's "Moosical for the Web" -- a pretty remarkable collection of songs (which I had nothing to do with, but rather like) putting the story of Jefferson's Moose and the Internet into - well, into a "moosical." Worth a listen - and do note the invitation at the end to contribute a song or two to the mix!

einhverfr (mail) (www):
I bet it's about Mooslims reading Jefferson's copy of the Koran. ;-)
9.22.2009 7:19pm
true religion jeans (mail) (www):
Thank you very much. I am wonderring if I can share your article in the bookmarks of society,Then more friends can talk about this problem.
9.22.2009 10:14pm
ChrisatOffice (mail):
I'm amused to discover that there is a musical moose 'problem' that our friends need to discuss. :-)
9.23.2009 3:27pm

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