The G-20 Meetings of September 4-5, 2009, Summarized:

And with appropriately idiosyncratic commentary from me. This goes on for quite a while, so I'm going to hide it, trusting to Your Dopamine Pathways that you will not be able to resist Seeking it. There is a discussion at the end about transnational regulatory governance networks and what they mean for these meetings as exercises in a straitened form of global governance - which I suggest, not. And bonus discussion of Banking Institutions that are Too Big To Fail because they Operate Galaxy-Wide, and whether transnational regulators are a precursor to the United Federation of Planets and, finally, the terrible, terrible idea, perhaps the worst bit of social utopianism in the Star Trek universe (besides the ostensible un-necessity of money that Co-Blogger Ilya has already discussed and discounted), Memory Alpha ....


If you could show Prof. Lindgren how to operate that 'hide most of the post' Intertubes apparatus, many readers would be grateful.
9.6.2009 4:26pm
Mark N. (www):
ArthurKirkland: You can take matters into your own hands if you wish.
9.6.2009 7:20pm
Now that is one fine Intertubes apparatus. Thank you.
9.6.2009 7:44pm
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9.7.2009 2:19am

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