For some reason, watching the video of the Corvette that Jim links to below makes me think that America doesn't need Cash for Clunkers to get out of this economic malaise. What America needs is a telethon. No, wait, an Americathon! (For more on this 1979 movie, see here).
Melancton Smith:
Who put Beavis and Butthead in charge? Are they Cash for Clunkers Vehicle Reduction Czars now?
8.21.2009 1:33pm
Houston Lawyer:
What we really need is Death Race 2000, which could take care of health care costs as well.
8.21.2009 1:38pm
Soronel Haetir (mail):
See, it's actually a brilliant government plot for once. By luring people, both consumers and dealers into thinking that government would pick up this tab they actually got people to replace vehicles. But now that same government is going to renege on paying in nearly all cases.

This is going to drive the dealers to the same position the auto makers are now at which point they will need to be abiled out into government ownershuuuip as well.
8.21.2009 1:43pm
ruuffles (mail) (www):
What we really need is a time machine, set to run on a continuous loop from 2001 to 2007. Happy times over and over!
8.21.2009 1:48pm
Realist Liberal:

I think 1997 to 2003 would be more appropriate (and it would appease and piss off both sides of the aisle at the same time... so much fun).
8.21.2009 1:52pm
Henry679 (mail):
Yeah, that Sept 2001 really started some happy times.
8.21.2009 2:00pm
Joseph Slater (mail):
I went to see that movie, all excited by the fact that Elvis Costello was in it and did music for it. But man, it was bad.
8.21.2009 2:20pm
The River Temoc (mail):
John Ritter really is the spitting image of John Edwards.
8.21.2009 3:05pm
Anderson (mail):
John Ritter really is the spitting image of John Edwards.

But without the baby-faced quality that some juries, and some females, appear to find winningly seductive.
8.21.2009 3:45pm

What we really need is Death Race 2000, which could take care of health care costs as well.

Here's the hospital scene
8.21.2009 4:16pm
John Moore (www):
Sad, really sad to see the fine machinery destroyed on government Fiat.

8.21.2009 7:58pm
DiversityHire (mail):
While he's waiting to get back in the Presidential race, Edwards could capitalize on his John Ritterism by starring in a reality-tv remake of Three's Company w/ Elizabeth &Rielle.
8.21.2009 10:27pm

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