Monday Sloth Bear Blogging:

In the tradition of Monday bear blogging established by Jonathan Adler, here is a picture of an appropriately slothful sloth bear that my fiancee took at the National Zoo:

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Cornellian (mail):
Nice work if you can get it. They must have an awesome PR firm working for them to get "sloth" built into their name so they've got a permanent, built-in excuse for just laying around all day.
7.7.2009 12:33am
Richard A. (mail):
I liked the part on Wikipedia where this little guy defeated a polar bear in a bear ultimate-fighting match. Darned impressive!
7.7.2009 12:44am
"Well, the Sloth nailed him. You know, Jed never was too quick on the draw."
7.7.2009 1:47am
Actually, the sloth bears are remarkably active. As a regular zoo visitor, the sloth bears and the otters are about the closest you get to guaranteed animal hijinx at just about any time of day, as opposed to the majority of lazybones animals that only get excited in the morning or at feeding time, and are often sleeping in out-of-view places.
7.7.2009 8:33am
Well, I just have two words to say: Photo Shop.

And by that I don't mean the photo's fake, only that we really could do a better job of showing off the wonderful attributes in these pictures. If you find Photoshop too complex (and it certainly is), you might try the vastly more simple editing tools available on Google's Picasa. A few clicks (auto-contrast, auto-color, and fill lighting) would have done wonders to this pic. Quick, easy, and best of all, Free!
7.7.2009 9:24am
Nelson Reddog:
Where are his brothers, Gluttony and Pride?
7.7.2009 12:08pm
ASlyJD (mail):
Envy teamed up with Wrath to kill Greed. Gluttony disposed of the evidence after Lust had satisfied himself. Pride would never allow himself to be photographed by such a bad photographer and was holding out for his professional photo shoot.
7.7.2009 4:19pm
bear (mail) (www):
In the tradition of comments to J Adler's bear posts:

That's not a bear sloth! Look at the slope of its medula oblongata, the arch of it's back, the coloring of its fur, and the number of toes on its hands.

That's a four toed skunk sloth.

Two of my favorite topics....bears and deadly sins :)


7.8.2009 8:39am

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