Monday Bear Blogging:

Here's another bear picture from my brief trip to Montana earlier this month. This one is a black bear we saw north of Old Faithful, shortly after our hike to Mystic Falls. My wife took it, so it's a much better picture.

You too can see Russia from your house?
6.29.2009 6:44am
Bear blogging? When did the Volokh Conspiracy turn into the Daily Dish?
6.29.2009 8:31am
Houston Lawyer:
If you're going to go bear blogging, you might want to carry one of these. I read that it is not pleasant to fire, but it is light weight and packs a mean punch.
6.29.2009 9:34am
Tom952 (mail):
I hope he is not planning to start another market, wherever he is going.
6.29.2009 9:54am
rarango (mail):
Unless that is a telephoto lens, you are within charging distance of that bear. I submit the more distance between you and a bear the better.
6.29.2009 9:55am
theobromophile (www):
Awwww! So cute.
6.29.2009 5:08pm
Ahcuah (mail):
My kids' Boy Scout troop encountered a grizzly in 2006 on our way hiking back to Old Faithful from Mystic Falls (just as you were doing here). Photos here.
6.29.2009 6:58pm

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