"You're one of Fred Smith's, I expect."

A CEI short film, "The Silence of the Regulated," in which a Dr. Lecter asks: "You know what you look like to me with your good perfume and blunt white paper? You look like a libertarian." Having worked for Fred Smith, I found this quite amusing. Your mileage may vary. (LvIP)

one of many:
amusing but the production qualities were too low, if the CEI intends to produce more of these short movies they really need to get an NEA grant for independent filmmaking or at least attend one of the AFI Sundance seminars on independent filmmaking which have been bankrolled by the NEA.
6.27.2009 1:27pm
one of many:
opps, forgot to put the /sarcasm tag in.
6.27.2009 1:35pm
Aeon J. Skoble (mail):
That's terrific.
6.27.2009 5:31pm
NicholasV (mail):
I have a grammatical nit to pick, it should be "Your mileage may vary."

Will watch the film later.
6.27.2009 8:51pm
jmcg (mail):
Isn't this the same young lady who was arrested for having the temerity to dance at the Jefferson Memorial?
6.27.2009 11:01pm
Hester Mofet:
It should be "lend us your views..." and "enthrall us with your acumen."

Still, I enjoyed it.
6.28.2009 12:51am
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