The Most Important Review Russell Roberts Will Ever Get

for his novel, The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance. I recommend blurbing it immediately:

hey daddy!

i just wanted to let you know that the book you lent me is really good and your students need to read it. it'll make them consider every side of good important economic issues and let them know that just because they argue what seems to be the humanitarian side or majority side of a case doesn't mean they have the right to sit on their high horse and be self-righteous, ignore every other argument. make them read it, it's a fast read and is completely worth it.

love you! xoxoxoxo renee

Co-blogger Todd mentioned his colleague Russell Roberts' economic novels a week ago, and I promptly ordered The Invisible Heart from Amazon. Beloved Daughter Renee, age 16, left to join Beloved Wife in Guatemala a few days ago and although she looked skeptical when I suggested The Invisible Heart if she was looking for reading while doing her school community service project (more about that in another post), she took it along. Now I'm looking forward to reading it.

Random Wine Geek:
In the interest of consistency, shouldn't the beginning of the penultimate sentence of your post been "beloved daughter renee . . ."?

I sometimes wonder whether scholars centuries from now will attribute the disappearance of capitalization from written English to the influence of E. E. Cummings, instead of to the limitations on PDA and cellphone keypads and the fast pace of IM and similar electronic communcations.

(Note: Please do not take this post as a snarky shot at your daughter. I've noticed my own penchant for forsaking capitalization in online chat communications even with a full standard keyboard, and when typing on my PDA, and was merely amused by the difference between your daughter's quoted message and your own tongue-in-cheek capitalization.)
6.25.2009 11:00am
Kenneth Anderson:
fear not, no offense taken anywhere ... i've lost the capitalization thing to a big extent - a lot of it is that i type faster, but not just faster - more accurately, much more accurately, if you don't count capitalization or not as accurate, if i don't have to move my fingers to the cap keys. in her case it's the pda and cell phone pads - in my case, it really is accuracy and speed at a regular keyboard.
6.25.2009 12:25pm
Prof. S. (mail):
Dang, someone already took my e.e. cummings line.

I'm convinced that text messaging is the death of this language. Or translated "OMG C U L8r Eng! LOL!"
6.25.2009 1:50pm
[insert here] delenda est:
Thanks, sounds great, I just ordered a copy...I love Amazon Prime!
6.25.2009 4:23pm
Paul A'Barge (mail):
I would also recommend Punctuation and Capitalization for Teenagers along with Why the Shift Key is Your Friend.

They are also quick reads.
6.25.2009 5:32pm
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