New Yale Law Dean--Robert Post:

An email from Yale:

It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Robert C. Post '77JD as the Dean and Sol and Lillian Goldman Professor of Law, effective July 1, 2009. Professor Post, who returned to Yale in 2003 as the David Boies Professor of Law, is a distinguished scholar of constitutional law, in particular the First Amendment, equal protection, and legal history. As a leading scholar and a respected citizen of the legal profession, he is ideally positioned to move the Yale Law School forward. He is greatly admired by his colleagues for his wisdom and judgment, and his commitment to sustaining the excellence of the Law School is unwavering.

Congratulations to Prof. Post, whose work I greatly admire.

I'm sure dean-elect Post faces many interesting challenges an opportunities. But those of us who write in the area of constitutional history want to know what this will mean for his volume-in-progress on the Taft Court for the Holmes Devise History of the Supreme Court.

Fat Man (mail) (www):
How Much of a leftist is he?
6.22.2009 2:23pm
RPT (mail):
Two goofy posts already......

Seriously, I recall Robert Post from depositions he defended during his days at Williams &Connolly representing the National Enquirer in the early '80's. Irving Younger, John Kester (former asst sec def) and Aubrey Daniel (Calley's prosecutor) also worked on the cases. Best litigators with whom I've worked but we won.
6.22.2009 3:56pm
His child did wonders for the good people of Cold Comfort Farm
6.22.2009 4:25pm
Joseph Slater (mail):
Jackson +1000 for the Cold Comfort Farm reference!
6.22.2009 4:48pm
zuch (mail) (www):
Congratulations to him. He's a good egg. I had him at Boalt (and had dinner at his house one night).

A big gain for Yale ... and Boalt is left with (the presently absent) Yoo in his stead....

6.22.2009 4:59pm
Fat Man (mail) (www):
RPT: Your Mother wears Army Boots.

So? How much of a leftist is Prof. Post?
6.22.2009 5:58pm
Steve C in SF:
One test of a person's character is how they behave at their kid's soccer games. Robert Post's child Amelia was on the soccer team I coached for a few years in Berkeley. I shared a lot of laughs with Robert on the sidelines; he was a pleasure to hang with and truly got it about what youth sports should be about. He'd also bring me a cup of coffee on early games. Way too good a sense of humor and way too caring to fit my stereotype of a leftist. Yale law school is lucky to have him.
6.22.2009 6:20pm
RPT (mail):

Define "leftist" and we may be able to answer your question.
6.22.2009 7:48pm
Nadine (mail) (www):
Greatings, - da best. Keep it going!
6.23.2009 12:33am
Volokh Groupie:
Are any VC contributors going to post about the Depaul Dean brouhaha? I need to be informed!
6.23.2009 2:04am
Joseph Slater (mail):
Good job cleaning out the spam on this thread.
6.24.2009 11:52am
Fat Man (mail) (www):
A leftist is anyone who thinks that the NYTimes contains any news, or that its editorial page is written by sane human beings.
6.24.2009 2:43pm

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