Sunday Song Lyric - Father's Day Edition:

By request, a Sunday Song Lyric for Father's Day: "My Father's An Accountant" by Peter Himmelman. The song begins:

My father's an accountant and I used to think that he was dull
He sits all day long crunching numbers in his skull
He'd get up to sharpen his pencil
Or put a spoon of sugar in his teeth
My father is a hero
But for a while, I just couldn't see.

The video is here. Happy Father's Day.

John Burgess (mail) (www):
One of the finest songs about fathers is the J.C.B. Song.
6.21.2009 10:15pm
cboldt (mail):
On the lighter side, there is the Smothers Brothers, "My Old Man's a Sailor"
6.22.2009 12:13am
Cornellian (mail):
On the not at all lighter side, I like Everclear's "Father of Mine."
6.22.2009 12:25am
martinned (mail) (www):
There can be only one Father's Day song: Dad by K's Choice.
6.22.2009 7:31am
JackOfClubs (mail) (www):
Surely, he "puts a spoon of sugar in his tea", not his "teeth"? The latter doesn't make sense and obscures the rhyme.
6.22.2009 3:39pm
Joseph Slater (mail):
Also on the not-lighter side (opposite of nice Father's Days sentiments):

Bruce Springsteen, "Adam Raised a Cain";
The Beautiful South, "Your Father and I."
6.22.2009 5:00pm
Samuel Perkins (mail):
Please enter one vote for Hank Williams' "The Log Train."
6.23.2009 9:08am

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