Amos Guiora on the Israeli Administrative Detention Model:

Over at the international law blog Opinio Juris, Professor Amos Guiora has been offering a set of very interesting guest posts on the Israeli administrative detention model. Professor Guiora was an Israeli JAG officer for 19 years, and has a fascinating discussion going in the series. VC readers might find it interesting - certainly I do, and I raise a question to Professor Guiora at the end (to which he replies, here), what are the differences between the judicial role in Israel and the US, and how might they affect the applicability of such a model here. Given the important discussions being had by the administration and many others over Guantanamo, detention, national security courts, etc., this is an important body of interventions, and I recommend it to you. Go here and then scroll up to see all the various posts.

Update: I'm pleased to add that Harvard Law School professor Gabriella Blum has provided Opinio Juris with a substantive comment on the question of the judiciary in Israel and its role in counterterrorism, and comparisons with the United States. Very interesting comment sent by Professor Blum from Tel Aviv.