Today, it Really is F.A. Hayek's 110th Birthday!

Today really is F.A. Hayek's 110th Birthday. I incorporate by reference my post from three days ago, which I wrote under the mistaken impression that Hayek's birthday was really May 5. My mistake was soon corrected by other bloggers. Hayek would say that this was a small example of how free markets and civil society make good use of information and effectively correct errors.

In any event, happy 110th birthday to one of the truly great economists and political philosophers of the last century. His most important ideas remain highly relevant today, as does his trenchant critique of conservatism.

Any relation to Selma Hayek?
5.8.2009 8:35am
Chris 24601 (mail) (www):
If we had the government in charge of birthday commemorations, mistakes like this wouldn't happen, I'm sure.
5.8.2009 8:52am
Prosecutorial Indiscretion:
Any relation to Selma Hayek?

Funny you should mention that . . .

Happy birthday, Friedrich. I'll drink to you tonight.
5.8.2009 10:24am
David M. Nieporent (www):
Today really is F.A. Hayek's 110th Birthday.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.
5.8.2009 12:14pm
Allan Walstad (mail):
Three days farther down the road to serfdom. "Can you hear me now?"
5.8.2009 12:33pm
Gene (mail):
The NYU Journal of Law &Liberty had a nice issue on Hayek a few years back, with contributions from scholars like John Hasnas, Richard Posner, and Richard Epstein:

5.8.2009 1:39pm

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