Could Attorneys Go to Jail for Letter to Obama?

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that two attorneys for former Gitmo detainee Binyam Mohamed face sanction for sending a letter to President Obama asking seeking government disclosure of information related to Mohamed's treatment. Mohamed claims he was subject to extraordinary rendition that resulted in torture, but government information to substantiate this claim is classified. In an effort to get this information released, Mohamed's attorneys sent a letter to President Obama that contained classified material, in violation of the terms upon which the attorneys were given access to their client and related government information. The two attorneys apparently sought approval for the content of the letter, but there is a factual dispute over how they proceeded and whether the relevant government officials approved the letter's compliance with secrecy rules. At a May hearing, federal district court judge Thomas Hogan will determine whether to hold the attorneys in contempt of court for their actions. Even if Judge Hogan determines the attorneys violated their agreement, based upon the information in the Chronicle story, I would be surprised (and dismayed) if the attorneys received any jail time.