If you're a reader who likes my occasional posts on recent computer crime law cases, you should check out the CYB3RCRIM3 blog, by lawprof Susan W. Brenner. There's a lot of interesting stuff there, including discussion of new cases.
einhverfr (mail) (www):
Very interesting blog. Thanks for the link
3.31.2009 6:29pm
wb (mail):
This looks very useful. Thank you for the reference.
3.31.2009 7:12pm
Lionel Hutts:
I took Professor Brenner's cybercrimes class when I was in law school, at Dayton. It was a great class; she was a great instructor and is as knowledgeable as anyone on these issues. On a side note, the book we used was a draft edition of "Computer Crime Law" by Orin Kerr - also suberp.
4.1.2009 12:01am
Dilan Esper (mail) (www):
Kind of off topic, but interestingly, Professor Brenner got her MA from Kent State in 1971, which means she was probably a graduate student there at the time of the tragic shootings in 1970. I am sure that's the sort of thing that can be a life-changing event.
4.1.2009 3:25pm

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