Apropos Laptop Bans,

check out this funny NYU Law Revue teaser. Thanks to Sasha and Chelsea Rosenthal for the pointer.

R. M. Swan:
I have a feeling you posted this because they gave you a shoutout... and BEFORE Becker-Posner!
3.8.2009 3:30am
Fidelity (mail) (www):
It would be really nice if I could afford college, or a working laptop. Why do kids attend universities if they spend all day screwing around?

Interesting video.
3.8.2009 4:32am
It is funny because it is true! If you ban laptops you are stealing humor. I think it is wrong to ban laptops. How much of a discussion can you have in a class of 70-100 people?
3.8.2009 11:51am
The real problem is classes of 70-100 people.
3.8.2009 11:52am
Patent Lawyer:
To be fair, I'd estimate that I learned more useful and interesting law from the Volokh Conspiracy and similar lawblogs over my 3 years at NYU than I did from about half my classes.

Occasionally, they even combined, like when I got to moot Scott v. Harris for Constitutional Litigation 2L year. And Instapundit provided very good jumping off points for my Space Law note. Compared to what I got out of our awful Property and Crim Law classes...
3.8.2009 12:18pm
Patent Lawyer:
Oh, and to Fidelity:

Why do kids attend universities if they spend all day screwing around?

Because the state of New York, among many others, doesn't allow us to practice unless we spend 3 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars at such places.
3.8.2009 12:19pm
It's true, we do mess around in class a decent amount. But it depends on the class/professor. The best way to combat distractions is to have good and interesting teachers. Internet usage is down for interesting profs who challenge us, who make class worthwhile. Unfortunately, not all professors are that way (at any school).
3.8.2009 1:04pm
with a VC shoutout, no less
3.8.2009 3:22pm
von Neumann (mail):
As a former lead in the NYU Law Revue from many, many, many years ago I can only say that having had access to a laptop during my years there would have detracted from all the drinking and drugs I did. There would not have been a plaque dedicated to me at McSorleys, nor would St. Marks place have been nearly as cool.
3.9.2009 10:50am

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