One More Disappointed Reader:
Recently seen in the referrer logs, a visit to the Volokh Conspiracy from someone who googled "hot chicks." I'm guessing this post from Eugene last month isn't what the visitor had in mind.
Well, you never know. I stumbled upon this site through that very same post, while researching various departments of scrotology, in which I'm pursuing my PhD. Although there's less scrotology talk than I had initially hoped, I have learned the truth about Obama's socialist radicalism, for which I'm eternally grateful. Perhaps the visitor has had a similar experience?
3.6.2009 5:01pm
Justin S.:
What's more, Orin's current post will make it more likely that future folks googling "hot chicks" will come back to this site. Ah, cruel fate.
3.6.2009 5:09pm
Why aren't there any female Conspirators, by the way?
3.6.2009 5:19pm
Justin S,

Isn't it funny that so many search for results on "hot chicks" and so few search for results on "douchebags" even though the searcher in question is perhaps more likely to be the latter than the former?


I like the confluence of your name and post. But it is true that the VC is a boy's club.
3.6.2009 5:35pm
Dave N (mail):
The VC isn't a complete Boy's Club. Hanah Volokh guest-blogged here some time back. Of course, her surname probably helped--and her husband has been less visible of late, too.
3.6.2009 5:52pm
Corey Rayburn Yung (mail) (www):

You don't even want to know the searches that lead people to my blog. Having the last name "Yung" only aggravates the problem. The strangest thing is that lots of visitors looking for "Yung sex," for example, actually end up going through a lot of pages at Sex Crimes (as though I have hid the porn somewhere).

3.6.2009 6:24pm

We used to have Michelle Boardman, but she left us for DOJ and didn't sign up again when she returned to teaching.

Never thought of that -- yes, I'm sure your problem with mistaken traffic is a lot worse than ours.
3.6.2009 6:32pm
TruePath (mail) (www):
Corey, Orin:

I think you underestimate the percentage of those individuals who actually got what they wanted.

Mr. Yung, certainly I can imagine searching for Yung Sex if I remembered you ran a blog dealing with legal issues involving sex.

As for 'hot chicks' a quick google search reveals Volokh doesn't appear until the second page of links (#14 to be specific) after several links to actual pitures and video of hot chicks. Moreover the link is pretty clearly a discussion of some issue not images.

Certainly I don't think the 'hot chicks' search was specifically looking for the VC but they probably said, "huh that looks interesting" when they saw the link in their google search results.
3.6.2009 7:27pm
TruePath (mail) (www):
But funny none the less
3.6.2009 7:28pm
Those in D.C. can shudder at what someone who googles "Rayburn sex" might be thinking of.

Pages, hopefully.
3.6.2009 7:56pm
Anderson (mail):
Prof. Kerr just doesn't have the courage to come clean about the hot chicks.
3.6.2009 11:37pm
theobromophile (www):
Not only are there no Conspirators of the female persuasion [would they be Conspiraresses?], there are very few female commenters.

Someone recently googled "men use beauty pageants for sexual arousal" and found my blog. I'm sort of creeped out by the thought of having someone that sketchy looking at my blog. Eeewww.
3.6.2009 11:52pm
Buckland (mail):
Same thing happened to me when I found this site.

I was looking for something else entirely when I googled "Women on Top" and found some lame article about women becoming deans of law schools...
3.7.2009 10:16am
Corey Rayburn Yung's post led me to his site where I found this

Barton Bagnes is a registered sex offender who wears diapers. Two days ago he exposed his diaper to young children in Holladay.

Recently a very concerned mother told police her four year old child came to her and said that Bagnes had shown them his diaper.

Bagnes has a history of exposure. He's on the sex offender registry following a 1999 conviction for showing his private parts and his diaper to a young child. He was also convicted in 2000 doing the same thing to a child.

In 2007, however, charges of lewdness were dismissed. Bagnes allegedly showed his diaper but not his private parts. Last year, he got another diaper dismissal; private parts weren't exposed.

Humans are very strange.
3.7.2009 12:31pm
Michael Drake (mail) (www):
That's preferable to the "'gay photos' 'michael drake'" hits I've received. (I prefer to think they were looking for photos involving the other Michael Drake.)
3.7.2009 12:59pm
hubert grunberg story (mail):
Raivo Pommer

Caos und Arbeitlos

Der Machtkampf zwischen Continental und Schaeffler eskaliert. Conti-Aufsichtsratschef Hubertus von Grünberg trat jetzt mit sofortiger Wirkung zurück.

«Es zeichnet sich ab, dass Continental weiter Schaden nimmt«, sagte der 66-Jährige gestern in Frankfurt nach einer Sitzung des Aufsichtsrats des Autozulieferers. «Wir laufen Gefahr, in das Schaeffler-Problem hineingezogen zu werden.« Von Grünberg kritisierte, die schwer angeschlagene Schaeffler-Gruppe sei der Forderung nach einem tragfähigen Zukunftskonzept nicht nachgekommen und stattdessen auf Konfrontationskurs gegangen.

Der Herzogenauracher Autozulieferer, der wegen der auf Pump finanzierten Conti-Übernahme hoch verschuldet ist, wies die Vorwürfe von Grünbergs zurück. Grünberg habe das Vertrauen im Aufsichtsrat verloren, hieß es. Die Besprechung eines Zukunftskonzeptes habe bei der Sitzung in Frankfurt überhaupt nicht auf der Agenda gestanden.
3.7.2009 4:41pm

If ywhat ou provided is a sample of what's to be found on Mr. Yung's blog, I'd guess that the reason visitors are flipping through so many of his pages is that they're finding exactly the sort of narratives they're looking for.
3.7.2009 11:05pm
markm (mail):
Perhaps you should re-direct such visitors to this page
3.8.2009 2:06pm

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