West Coast Jefferson's Moose Sighting:

Just wanted to drop a note and invite any of you West Coast VC-ers who might happen to be in the neighborhood this coming Monday to a talk I'll be giving about my book over at the Stanford Law School around lunchtime (12:50 - 2). It should be interesting - I think I've got a pretty good talk prepared, and my guess is there will be some folks there with some interesting thoughts on how this Jefferson's moose idea does, or doesn't, help us figure out what's going on on the Net and/or what we might do about that.

And some of you may recall a few weeks ago I noted the strange coincidence that the folks digging the foundation for the new Thomas Jefferson Law School building in San Diego had unearthed an almost-complete skeleton of a woolly mammoth. It's pretty funny; here I go and spend a dozen years or so writing a book that is all about Jefferson's rather remarkable interest in (read: obsession with) questions of size, and scale, and the search for really, really big animals -- and a couple of weeks after it is published they find a mammoth under the Jefferson Law School?!

Well, things get, as Lewis Carroll said, curiouser and curiouser: Underneath the mammoth, they've uncovered the skeleton of a 40-foot baleen whale! Seriously! [and now I'm reasonably certain that if they keep digging, they'll turn up an apatosaur or two under there]. Dean Rudy Hasl of the Law School was quoted as saying it was "amazing to find such enormous land and sea creatures within 10 feet of one another" -- I'll say!!

So much for the meme that it's turtles all the way down.
3.6.2009 1:25pm

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