Heritage Event on Judicial Nominations:

Speaking of judicial nominations, next Wednesday I will participate in a panel at the Heritage Foundation titled "Advice to President Obama on Judicial Nominations." The other panelists, who will likely have far more interesting things to say on the matter, are former Acting Solicitor General Walter Dellinger and National Journal columnist Stuart Taylor. Former Attorney General Ed Meese will moderate. Details here. While I doubt the Obama Administration takes advice from the Heritage Foundation all that often, it should be an interesting event.

Sunshine is good:
sounds like a classic "concern troll" to me...
3.5.2009 5:49pm
Meese, Dellinger, Tayor, Adler ... sounds fair and balanced to me.
3.5.2009 5:59pm
Kent Scheidegger (mail) (www):
"While I doubt the Obama Administration takes advice from the Heritage Foundation all that often...."

Bucking for Understatement of the Year?
3.5.2009 6:55pm
It's a pity they can't consult with Jerry Falwell on nominations like the last administration did.
3.5.2009 7:20pm
David M. Nieporent (www):
sounds like a classic "concern troll" to me...
Can we retire that phrase? Not only is it juvenile, but it's misplaced here. To the extent it applies, it's when someone pretends to be on your side for the purpose of misleading you. Heritage is not pretending; everyone knows where Heritage stands.
3.6.2009 11:46am

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