Applications to DC-Area Law Schools Are Up:
The BLT has the scoop.
NaG (mail):
Law School: The perfect way to wait out a recession.

However, this is a rough time to be graduating from law school, with all the layoffs going on.
3.5.2009 1:34pm
Modern Major General:
Singers should be sure to go to Georgetown. There's a Gilbert &Sullivan Society, which is infinitely more distracting than laptops in class.
3.5.2009 1:55pm
Jim at FSU (mail):
Disregard all the recent graduates who can't find work and the nationwide economic contraction. When you graduate in 3 years, everything will be better.

You'll be able to pay off those loans in no time at all, thanks to the high paying jobs all those unemployed lawyers will not be competing for.
3.5.2009 2:17pm
Sarcastro (www):
[Hey now, WCL's Law Revue is pretty awesome as well. It may not be as fancy, but you get to write your own stuff.]
3.5.2009 2:18pm
Mike& (mail):
Proof that most people view themselves as exceptions to the rule: "Sure, the job market sucks. But I'm special." Good luck.
3.5.2009 3:41pm
Cardozo'd (www):
If I could, I'd go back and not take on 200k in debt and perhaps sell beer for a living. It just seems more fun.
3.5.2009 4:52pm

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