Duke Ellington And His Orchestra Plays "Satin Doll":
It's been a while since I've done any weekend jazzblogging, mostly because I haven't come across clips that I found good enough to post. But here's one: The Duke Ellington Orchestra playing "Satin Doll," in color and with quite good sound sound. Enjoy.
Dave N (mail):
Good sound. Great production values. I really enjoyed it.

Does anyone have any idea of this clip's provenance?
2.9.2009 2:34am
Glad you liked it! Here's what the youtube page says:
In the early 1960s five jazz films were commissioned by a corporate sponsor -- one of which featured the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

This piece includes a remarkable sequence with Ellington and bassist Aaron Bell.

Ray Nance, Shorty Baker, Cat Anderson, Bill Berry, Ed Mullens (t), Lawrence Brown, Leon Cox, Chuck Connors (tb), Russell Procope, Johnny Hodges (as), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Harry Carney (bars), Duke Ellington (p), Aaron Bell (b), Sam Woodyard (d). NYC, Jan 9, 1962.
There are a bunch of other clips from the same show also on Youtube -- I thought this was the best, but the others are good, too.
2.9.2009 3:15am
Too bad there's not a Youtube of "Dimuendo and Crescendo in Blue" from Ellington at Newport (at least I can't find one)--I'd like to see Paul Gonsalves blowing 27 choruses for, what was it, five minutes? The audience went nuts.
2.9.2009 6:40am
Matt L. (mail):
Hey Prof, great clip.

Also, I'm not sure if you're a fan, but try this:

Sorry for the unsolicited suggestion; the jazz-blogging just reminded me of one of my favorites, and I thought I'd share.
2.9.2009 8:40am
Thanks, Orin. I mostly don't "get" jazz, but I've liked everything you've posted over the years. Thanks for the posts and thanks for picking pieces that keep folks like me even minimally connected with jazz.
2.9.2009 12:18pm
Bill N:
Sorry, Arkady--no such luck. I've never heard of any video from the famed Newport concert. Indeed, for years the audio recording that CBS/Sony released of the concert was actually a Voice of America radio broadcast done later that day, with crowd noises dubbed in. Not until about 1997 or so did Sony fess up and release the real thing. Most remarkable is the fact that Gonsalves's solo sounds almost identical in both recordings.
2.9.2009 2:30pm
Dilan Esper (mail) (www):
If I can join the party, here's Ellington doing "Take the A Train", also in color:
2.9.2009 4:05pm
byomtov (mail):
Great stuff, Orin. Thanks.
2.9.2009 4:33pm

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