Sunday Song Lyric:
A reader suggests "Fallen on Hard Times" by Jethro Tull as a Sunday Song Lyric. It seems rather fitting given today's economic and political climate. The song was originally released on Tull's 1982 album, The Broadsword and the Beast. Here are two verses:
Fallen on hard times — but it feels good to know
that milk and honey's just around the bend.
Running on bad lines — we'd better run as we go,
Tear up, tear up the overdraft again. . . .

Fallen on hard times — and there's nowhere to hide
Now they've re-possessed the Rolls Royce and the mink.
Turning on the peace sign — and it's back to the wood.
Soon there will be raised a holy stink.
The full lyrics are available here, and there's also a live performance on YouTube.
JohnO (mail):
I would have expected "Caught in the Middle with you" by "Steelers" Wheel. Or maybe "Arizona" by Marc Lindsay.
2.1.2009 11:36am
On the same theme, Allentown by Billy Joel has gotten stuck in my head a lot recently. Probably not coincidentally, it came out the same year as Tull's Fallen on Hard Times.

Then again, everybody in the Lehigh Valley are Eagles fans, and in honor of the opposite side of the Keystone State's Steel Curtain (21st Century Edition), Iggles fans shouldn't get any nods today...
2.1.2009 11:49am
Joseph Slater (mail):
As a long-time Jethro Tull fan, I say, nice pick!
2.1.2009 1:16pm
Buddy, can you spare a dime?
2.1.2009 2:19pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
The album was originally titled, "The Broadcloth at the Feast", due to "sword and "beast' being found to deliver less of a Punch the Magic Dragline- but I digest.
2.1.2009 7:26pm
Thales (mail) (www):
Hmm. How about the pairing of Wond'ring Aloud and Wond'ring Again on Aqualung and Living in the Past, respectively. About religious hypocrisy and heedless consumption with disregard for long term consequences . . . both seem about right for the current public tone.
2.2.2009 11:12am
Bryan Long:
political climate

Color me confused. What's wrong with today's political climate that wasn't wrong with it five or ten years ago?
2.2.2009 7:44pm
Neo (mail):
I always thought that "The Clasp" (on the same album) was much more powerful in tempo and message.
2.3.2009 3:05pm

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