Most-Read Blogs Run by Academics:

TaxProf (Paul Caron) reports on the most-trafficked law professor blogs, of those that have public SiteMeter rankings. The five top blogs by visitor counts (all numbers are total for 2008) are:


My question: What are the most-trafficked blogs written by academics, not limiting ourselves to law professors (and working in, if possible, people who have public counters but not SiteMeter)? I should note that I'm primarily interested in academic-themed content, but that's much harder to define and measure than the affiliation of the authors, so academic-written blogs are the best proxy I can think of.

UPDATE: A commenter points to Prof P.Z. Myers' Pharyngula science blog, which had about 18 million visitors last year, and the academic linguists' group blog Language Log (one of my favorite blogs), which had about 3.2 million visitors last year. Keep such data coming, folks!