Daniel Drezner Sells Out (and Good for Him):

Starting January 5, Daniel Drezner's blog will move to its new home at Despite his new sponsorship, he promises to maintain his editorial independence, even if it means whacking Jennifer Palmieri with a two-by-four.

Greenconsciousness (mail) (www):
even if it means whacking Jennifer Palmieri with a two-by-four. ?????

Sexist - not funny -- lose the gender violence so called humor. Gender violence humor is to women what lynching is to blacks or ovens are to Jews.

Sorry to be hyper but our friends have to stop it or there is no hope. I have linked to you for over 2 years. If you think I am just a snot, ask Phyllis Chesler. Or check out how many women and/or children are killed every day by their male friends and acquaintances. With 2x4s, with hammers, with fists ..... With the latest grope rape photo from Obama's speech writer we have had enough of this insensitivity from those who should know better.
12.28.2008 1:14pm
greenconsciousness - hypersensitive much?
12.28.2008 2:48pm
Charlie (Colorado) (mail):
Green, I bet you find being an idiot interferes with your day to day life.
12.28.2008 3:00pm
Dave N (mail):

Out of curiosity, was your comment directed at the author of the first post, the author of the second post, or both?
12.28.2008 5:48pm
Sarcastro (www):
Okay people, now that Greenconsciousness is here to lay down the law, one must never refer to anything bad happening to women and minorities, because everyone knows they are the hardest hit.

And don't mention old people dying, since it happens to them extra.

In fact, we really should stop writing things, since words were used by Hitler for antisemitic ends.
12.28.2008 5:55pm
David M. Nieporent (www):
By the way, I assume that this is the photograph to which "Greenconsciousness" refers, which makes his (?) post even more hysterical. ("Grope rape"? Of a piece of cardboard?)
12.28.2008 10:15pm

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