40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes:
Tim Sandefur sends along the following clip that should get you going today:

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Whenever I see stuff like this these days I think of Lessig's "Remix", and I find a reason to appreciate the clips even if they're of suspect quality.

Incidentally, a few of those didn't really grab me - Elmo, Swingers, Tim Allen, Tinkerbell, Kirsten Dunst?
12.28.2008 1:48pm
. . . and now, lest no man think that in the waning days of our Lord's year two thousand and eight--even though it is the Sunday after Saint Nickolaus's Day, and though the weather is altogether too warm and muggy for the season--that your faithful servant has lost his will to fight for victory, I shall put aside the petty concerns of bloggers and e-mail, and approach this brief with a new fierceness and bravery, so that summary judgment will be OURS IN THE NEW YEAR!!! (crowd cheers)
12.28.2008 2:43pm
Lurker (mail):
Where else but on VC can one read an eighty-six word sentence which makes an attorney look like Walter Mitty?

Well done, Snaphappy.

(Pokata, Pokata)
12.28.2008 4:42pm

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