Quantum of Solecism,

courtesy of the excellent Language Log.

trad and anon (mail):
But what about Quantum of Solipsism?
12.6.2008 2:37am
Eugene Volokh (www):
I don't think that's apt here, whereas Quantum of Solecism might be, in a poetic license sort of way.
12.6.2008 2:38am
Freddy Hill:
Not as poetic, but Quantum of Stupidity may be more descriptive.
12.6.2008 3:29am
David Warner:

I just got the first part of the pun (it has three levels). That may well be the best pun I can remember encountering. Well-crafted.
12.6.2008 3:36am
David Warner:
Planck's take.
12.6.2008 3:50am
They should've gone the Wang Wei. Oh wait, they did.
12.6.2008 7:42am
Freddy, I think they racked up far more than a single stupiditon (stupidino?) in this case.
12.6.2008 10:30am
Jim at FSU (mail):
Awesome, a strip club advert passed off as classic Chinese poetry. Classic in the Groucho Marx sense, I'm sure.
12.6.2008 1:26pm
LM (mail):
I sincerely hope this gives as many laughs in China as I get from stuff like this.
12.6.2008 4:13pm

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