Congratulations to Commenters logicnazi and nn489,

both of whom were quoted in Why Are Only Bad Acts Good Sentencing Factors?, 88 B.U. L. Rev. 1109 (2008). Their posts came in the Sentencing and Military Service thread. The author of the article apparently found the issues raised by that thread particularly interesting, and used the commenters' views as samples of certain kinds of arguments that people have made.

Dannytorro (mail) (www):
12.6.2008 2:39am
NicholasV (mail):
This it totally off-topic, but I must say I enjoy Dannytorro's comment - it's amusing in the same way as "this page left intentionally blank".
12.6.2008 5:14am
David Warner:
Perhaps this could serve as an argument against the use of pseudonyms when commenting. Not that they shouldn't be allowed, just that they may not always be the wisest course to take.

There is a risk/reward question to be considered.
12.6.2008 11:55am
Joe Bingham (mail):
That is great; congrats to them.
12.6.2008 11:59am
What ever happened to logicnazi?
12.6.2008 6:23pm
David M. Nieporent (www):
What ever happened to logicnazi?
Still here; changed his name to "TruePath," I believe.
12.7.2008 1:08am

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