"American Bar Association Recalls 230,000 Defective Lawyers":

The report is here. Thanks to Paul Milligan for the pointer.

Dave D. (mail):
...Well, lets hope Justice Sanders was in this mix.
11.25.2008 8:05pm
kimsch (mail) (www):
As Taranto would say: But the memories weren't very good...
11.25.2008 9:11pm
David Warner:
So do clients get a loaner while counsel's in the shop?
11.25.2008 10:08pm
Fedya (www):
Only 230,000? ;-)

There's a reason why lawyers "practice": they never actually get it quite right.
11.25.2008 10:15pm
fortyninerdweet (mail):
I called my local bar association for an appointment to return mine for servicing and was told there would be a four month wait. Parts had been ordered but were still being assembled, and the shipping would likely be delayed by some type of piracy activity on the eastern edge of Africa, they thought.
11.25.2008 10:24pm
Only 230,000? Heck I personally know more than that who are so defective they're unsafe at any speed...

This one works with the same punchline as that old lawyer joke: "what do you call 100 dead lawyers at the base of a cliff?" Answer: A good start!
11.25.2008 10:29pm
theobromophile (www):
I don't know about the rest of y'all, but when I look around Federalist Society conferences, I see genetic engineering writ large. Nearly everyone there is extraordinarily brilliant, frighteningly attractive, or both.

Could the ABA be performing their own improvements upon its members, to combat the eugenics movement of the vast, right-wing conspiracy?
11.26.2008 1:21am
DiverDan (mail):
Just wondering, given its recent history on policy issues, just how would the ABA be at all qualified to determine which lawyers are defective? I think I could come up with a decent list of defective lawyers just by looking at the leadership roster of the ABA. Just the perspective of a lawyer who resigned his membership in the ABA in complete disgust in 1987.
11.26.2008 11:05am

just how would the ABA be at all qualified to determine which lawyers are defective?

Easy test, Dan. One question test: "Do you have any deep seated convictions about anything other than yourself?"
11.26.2008 11:42am
DiverDan (mail):
wfjag, on your Yes/No Question, which answer is diagnostic for a defective lawyer? If the answer is "yes", where do I go to get my conscience surgically removed? Or are there drugs available, maybe "Conscience Blockers"?
11.26.2008 11:59am