Conservatism on Tap:
A lot of conservatives are wondering how the conservative political movement can be revived and strengthened in the Obama era. The best idea I have heard so far is having lectures on conservative thought and conservative perspectives at a bar with great beer, and tomorrow night there's a particularly good one for folks in the DC area featuring Ed Whelan at the District Chophouse (I recommend the stouts, by the way). RSVP required, if you're interested.
Cornellian (mail):
No fair, great beer makes almost anything look good.
11.24.2008 10:37pm
nrein1 (mail):
While the standard stout is good, I recommend the bourbon stout only available at the main floor bar.
11.24.2008 10:42pm
theculturedredneck (mail):
great idea. if any of the august conservative luminaries reading volokh happen to pass through oklahoma, i'd be happy to set up a gathering at belle isle.
11.24.2008 11:15pm
what was that other political movement that started with a beer hall putsch? but i kid, this is excellent.
11.24.2008 11:35pm
Cornellian (mail):
I'd go if I lived in DC.
11.24.2008 11:41pm
Crunchy Frog:
Whenever my evangelical brethren rail against the evils of alcohol I simply point them to the example of Martin Luther, who held his lectures in a beer hall.

Who said theology and beer don't mix?
11.25.2008 12:13am
The story:
In the beginning, it was thought to be the achievement of the American dream to have a crisp cold beer in your hand. Not everyone, however, could afford beer so Orin Kerr began to owe each and every American a beer so they could achieve this dream. This debt was soon securitized and traded on the fundamental assumption that the price of beer always will go up. Until... it did not and Orin Kerr was left with toxic debt.

But could Americans be denied there dream of drinking an ice cold one? Of course not, Orin Kerr's debt of beer was too big too fail. So the government bought up all this debt, and trust me- tomorrow night the federal government owes you a beer.
11.25.2008 12:41am
Commonsense Comment (mail):
The nondelegation doctrine. Resurrect it.
11.25.2008 1:59am
Perseus (mail):
"Facebook RSVP will not be accepted"

"ISI Young Alumni Association membership required."

Such requirements are discriminatory and contradictory! Not accepting Facebook RSVP has a disparate impact on young people. And yet the people they're trying to attract are young people, who like using Facebook.
11.25.2008 2:43am
Pete Freans (mail):
The best idea I have heard so far...

In light of the recent campaign, I found that phrase hilarious. A much need laugh at 7AM...
11.25.2008 7:16am
devil's advocate (mail):
not to blow my own horn but...

... we beat them by almost a week with the "Bailout and Beer" reception at the Sign of the Whale in NW after the meeting of an unnamed society of masons. No RSVP was required and conspirators were invited, but you had to know the secret handshake.



No fair, great beer makes almost anything look good.

We had a slightly different take: "looking for an antidote for a $700 billion [a month at this rate] headache, beer is the first thing that comes to mind"
11.25.2008 7:38am
Andy L.:
Heh! That reminds me. Orin, I think you owe me a beer.
11.25.2008 8:31am
common sense (www):
If you like bourbon beer, I suggest Jefferson's Reserve from Bluegrass Brewing Company. Ask your local barkeep for the uncut version. Almost impossible to get, but amazing.
11.25.2008 9:04am
peaceatlast (mail):
I hate to interrupt the beer theme, but wish to return to the revive and strengthen conservative theme. I propose three offensive moves.

First, fight MSM (the Democratic propaganda machine) by CANCELLING all print and cable subscriptions for at least a year; longer if you find the freedom exhilerating. Second, use the savings to FUND YOUR FAVORITE POLITICAL CAUSE such as Palin and Romney campaigns, give it to charity, or just save it. The final suggestion is to AVOID BUYING anything except what is necessary for the next four years. Hurt the economy as much as you can so Liberal Democrats will feel our pain by feeling some pain themselves. Take away their money to take away their power.
11.25.2008 5:15pm
The lectures should take place every April 15-16.

Federal personal income tax returns are due on April 15.
11.25.2008 5:17pm
David Warner:
Conservatives rallying in a beer hall? Typical VC fascism.
11.25.2008 5:49pm
mkrause (mail):
There is already a similar concept going on in Denver. Liberty on the Rocks, started by some of the youngish staffers at the Independence Institute.
11.25.2008 7:08pm
Randy R. (mail):
Pretty funny, Peace at last! Your attitude is exactly what the voters voted against. But please! do keep it up. It will insure that you remain in the wilderness for many long years.
11.25.2008 11:54pm
willis (mail):
What conservative policies? What conservatives? You mean the batch of corrupt, thieving, earmarking porkers we sent up there a few years back to clean out the Treasury? A beer-hall putsch won't fix them. More like Krystalnacht.
11.26.2008 11:43am
David Casper (mail) (www):
And in Wisconsin there's Drinking Right which was also recently expanded with a chapter in D.C.
11.26.2008 12:45pm
common sense:

The beer you speak of is available (I've seen it many times, just never bought it) at Norm's Beer and Wine in Vienna, VA. So if you're in Fairfax/Nova...its there. $4 for a 12 ounce though so its steep. I don't know if this is the "uncut" version or not though.
11.26.2008 1:11pm