The Car of the Future:

Orin: Does that mean we won't be getting the real car of the future?

Big E:
Everyone laughed at the Homer but it correctly predicted the advent of extra large cup holders.
11.13.2008 9:27am
Heh, that's the graphic I thought he was going to use.
11.13.2008 9:27am
gee mail (mail):
It has rack and peanut steering!
11.13.2008 9:44am
Does it come in blue?
11.13.2008 9:54am
Somedude127 (mail):
I think this is bang on. It predicted the SUV craze.

1.Extra large cup holders.
2.Too big and inefficient to exist.
3.Sequestering of children in the back where you can't hear them complain. (Homer was a little off on this one but much more efficient. He used a separate bubble to insulate from children instead of five feet of space to dampen the sound.)
4.Ultimately ruined the company that supported it.

Bow before the oracle that is the Simpsons.
11.13.2008 10:01am
On the upshot, at least there's some good news today.
11.13.2008 10:07am
Matt Tievsky (mail):
Powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball.
11.13.2008 10:10am
dd (mail):
you mean the rest of use wont been driving the "car of tommorrow"
11.13.2008 10:58am
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
Very prevalent in Asian society, Japanese mini-trucks; three cylinder engines, about eight feet long, available throughout the USA used- but you can't register them street-legal. This mystifies me as you can register a motorcycle.

11.13.2008 12:14pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):

On the upshot, at least there's some good news today.

Who paid for printing it (I read they had a lot of actual paper copies- that a hoax, also?)? Or any other part of it?

11.13.2008 12:20pm
Glenn, I have no idea. I don't even have a paper copy -- just read it online.
11.13.2008 12:35pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):

Glenn, I have no idea. I don't even have a paper copy -- just read it online.

Thanks- seems the expenses would mount as I describe the circumstances, if true... just-a-wonderin'...
11.13.2008 1:09pm
Crunchy Frog:
Nice hood ornament. Is that a discus, or a bowling ball?
11.13.2008 1:11pm
didn't brother Herb run into some problems after this one rolled off the line (until he invented the baby translator).
11.13.2008 1:40pm
Dear Prof. Zywicki:

It pains me to be forced to point out how completely you've missed the subtle federal question jurisdiction issue outlined by Prof. Kerr in his post. When there is a "Car Czar" appointed by the President, all accidents will be tried in the US district courts. See, e.g., "Tiger attack victims file suit in federal court" by John Coté, San Francisco Chronicle, Thursday, November 13, 2008:

Kulbir Dhaliwal contends his federal civil rights were violated because he was deprived the use of his BMW M3, the car the three took to the zoo. Police impounded the car during their investigation but didn't seek a court order to search it until they had already had the car for about two weeks, according to the lawsuit filed by Mark Geragos' law firm.

Link to article available through, article "San Francisco zoo tiger mauling victims sue"
by Walter Olson
11.13.2008 2:43pm
Jay Levitt (mail) (www):
Can it core a apple?
11.13.2008 3:40pm
Opher Banarie (mail) (www):
In 1965 I saw a demonstration of "The Personal Transportation Device of the 1990's" in the Tomorrowland section of Disneyland. I've waited patiently for 43 WANT MY JETPACK! I WANT IT NOW!
11.18.2008 3:55pm