Eugene Volokh to Speak Tonight at the University of Utah

Tonight Eugene will be delivering the 2008 William H. Leary Lecture at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law at 6:00 p.m. In his talk, he will walk through the Heller opinions and explore how the justices (both the majority and the dissenters) turned originalist theory into practice and what important (but often unspoken) decisions they made along the way. He will also explore how the decision is relevant to all fields of constitutional law.

VC readers in the area may want to attend what is sure to be an outstanding talk.

Will there be either a transcript or audio recording available somewhere for those who cannot attend?
11.10.2008 1:58pm
Paul Cassell (mail):
I believe the law school will be able to put a video up on the web in the next couple of days.
11.10.2008 2:02pm
Light Hearted (mail):
Hopefully EV will make a brief post announcing the availability of a video or audio stream.
11.10.2008 2:12pm
Outraged! (mail):
What? Professor Volokh isn't joining the Utah Boycott?!
11.10.2008 2:16pm
David Walser:
A chance to hear the good professor is almost enough to make me wish I still lived in Utah. Might even be enough to lure me onto the University of Utah campus -- which is saying a lot since I graduated from BYU.

Hope the presentation goes well.
11.10.2008 4:49pm
ghh (mail):
Do we get to find out whose example of zeugma was used?
11.10.2008 5:23pm
Mike Hansberry:
Gary Wills, in A Necessary Evil(pg 257), attempts to label as zeugma uses of "bear arms" that are non-militiary, such as the the Address of the PA Minority and the PA Constitution of 1776.

But it is telling that Wills does not assert that the "right of the people to keep and bear arms" of the Second Amendment is a zeugma. He goes in the other direction and reads "keep and bear" as conjunctive.
11.10.2008 5:47pm
Steve H (mail):
Sure, Judge, now you tell us.
11.10.2008 7:52pm
David Warner:
Suggested supplementary text.
11.10.2008 10:48pm
Dave N (mail):
David Walser,

You are only allowed on campus if you promise to wear red.
11.11.2008 2:43am
ronnie dobbs (mail):
Professor Volokh, be sure to stop by The Pie for pizza and beer (it's a couple blocks away from the law school) after your presentation. It's likely not up to Professor Bernstein's discriminating standards (the U. of U. is a long way from Brooklyn, after all), but it's the best pizza pie in Utah for my money.
11.11.2008 4:55pm