Meat Market:
Good luck to all the VC readers interviewing for law teaching jobs at the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference tomorrow and Saturday. While I'm at it, good luck to the VC readers on appointments committees that are doing the interviewing.
If interviewing at Michigan a "Save the seals, kill the babies" sticker on your folder may help let the committee know you have your priorities right.

That, and a publication list that includes "GOP members, should they all be killed or only sent into camps?" and "Can Christians have their tounges ripped out or can they only imprisoned under the Constitution?" should get you most of the way into a job.
11.6.2008 4:37pm
Sure, Happyshooter. Good luck at the conference.
11.6.2008 4:42pm
Man, it has been years and I am still bitter at their garbage.

I might need to puff a blunt or something (Michigan just passed medical MJ this week).

I still can do the Michigan combined smirk/eyeroll/air puff debate mannerism really well, so I did learn something there.
11.6.2008 4:58pm
I'm surprised you don't see that mannerism everywhere you go, happyshooter.
11.6.2008 6:51pm
Well, there is some truth what happy shooter has to say. The school is indeed pretty leftist. However, professors Larsen, Pritchard, and White are not leftists.
11.6.2008 7:01pm
A. Zarkov (mail):

Do you think it would help if an applicant showed his prison discharge papers? Or drug rehab certificate?
11.6.2008 7:42pm
I recall when the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings were ongoing, the Michigan faculty decided to hold a mock debate sort of thing over the Thomas-Hill controversy. They nearly had to cancel it when they couldn't find a single member of the faculty willing to take Thomas' side! I promise this story is not apocryphal.
11.6.2008 7:52pm
Chris Newman (mail):
Not sure why this topic thread has turned into a pile on Michigan thread, but since it has I feel honor bound to report that I ran the Federalist Society at Michigan while I was there (I graduated in 99), and was never treated with anything but respect by the faculty, several of whom supported me in my search for a teaching job. The mannerisms described remind me more of certain students, who however were thankfully not the majority. Not that the majorities of both students and faculty weren't to my "left," mind you, but my experience is that people of real intellectual caliber--which included most of the faculty I studied under and students I knew--are interested in ideas and willing to engage respectfully with arguments that are respectfully presented, whatever their ultimate beliefs.
11.6.2008 9:39pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
Drat, I got tied up in a major case and missed the AALS deadline by a few days. Did send out email and hard copy submissions.
11.6.2008 10:40pm