Now There's a Thematically Linked Name for You:

The man administering the $700 billion financial bailout is Neel Kashkari.

Thanks to my colleague Gary Blasi for the tip.

ronbailey (www):
Still doesn't beat "Whitehouse spokesperson Larry Speakes"
10.13.2008 9:09pm
ronbailey (www):
Oops, pardon the poor grammar... rushed through it and then hit the wrong button!
10.13.2008 9:11pm
Dave N (mail):
I still think Senator Whitehouse is a walking separation-of-powers problem.
10.13.2008 9:30pm
jukeboxgrad (mail):
When Palin fired Monegan, her top cop, the new top cop she hired to replace her old top cop was a cop named Kopp.

I have also known not just one but actually two doctors named Doctor. But I never had a chance to introduce them. I would have loved to have said Dr. Doctor, Dr. Doctor.

I also used to have a pricey dentist, Dr. Price.

And I bet there are at least several veterinarians named Katz.
10.13.2008 9:32pm
I once saw an ad for a chiropractor named Kick.
10.13.2008 9:44pm
Dave N (mail):
And since this is a legal blog, a brief shoutout for Octonto County, Wisconsin, Circuit Judge Michael T. Judge.
10.13.2008 9:56pm
My given name is "Paying for the mistakes of bankers and Californians until I retire at 90."
10.13.2008 10:51pm
one of many:
I understand that names tended to derive from occupations and all, Gold was a goldsmith and all but is this a case of reverse name etymology? M. Kashkari was working for the Fed so they created the job to match the name? Just asking.
10.14.2008 12:07am
Barry P. (mail):
In the "True Facts" section of National Lampoon somebody sent in a photo of a doctor's office nameplate:

"Dr. A. Cockburn, Urologist"

This was in the days befor Phbotoshop.
10.14.2008 12:41am
Sean O'Hara (mail) (www):
If we'd had a Kashkari policy in the first place, we wouldn't be in this mess.
10.14.2008 12:44am
K. Schmidt (mail):
Also on the subject of Wisconsin Circuit Court judges, Clark County Circuit Court judge Jon Counsell.
10.14.2008 12:50am
"Kashkari" is likely a mistransliteration of "Kashgari," and Neel Kashkari's ancestors are likely from the city of Kashgar, now in Xinjiang Province, China.

This type of thing is rather common in sports. I wonder if Dan Brouthers ever played for Philadelphia, Rudy York for the Yankees, Mets, Giants, or Dodgers, Claudell or Ron Washington for the Senators, and so on. Both Hal Newhouser and Raul Casanova played for Detroit, but decades apart. And so on.
10.14.2008 11:25am
Gray Ghost:
Don'g forget Major Major, who was inevitably promoted to Major, in Catch-22.

10.15.2008 5:15pm
I know this sounds to good to be true but there is a Dr. Dick Vanderslice, urologist, in Hilton Head, SC.
10.16.2008 1:47pm